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Where to begin.  Chelsea and Robert are dear friends from college whom I am so lucky to have met and even luckier to have kept.  I cherish the friends I have from college because few of my relationships have lasted the test of time and distance since graduating six years ago.  It is hard enough to keep up with my local friends but when you add the element of travel and trying to coordinate busy schedules, well it's nearly impossible to give all of your friendships the nurturing they need to survive and endure.  Some people though, seem to give you just what you need when you need it.  I don't speak to Robert or Chelsea on a weekly basis or even monthly sometimes but I know when we talk or when we see each other, everything will be just as we left it, just as it should be.  I am so thankful to Robert and his family, who was my family away from home during my college years, for taking me in, feeding me home cooked meals (as picky as I was), supporting me and cheerleading for me.  

Chelsea, you were and are radiant.  You are surrounded by positive energy and you lift the spirits of all you meet.  Robert, thank you for being a friend.  You are kind, compassionate, great at tennis, which matters in my book :) and you laugh at all my jokes.  I am so glad you have found someone who brings out all of your best qualities.

I love you both and am so happy to have had the privilege to photograph your beautiful wedding.

This is part one of two because there are just too many photos that I love.


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Katie, you are just as amazing with words as your are with photos. We love you!

Sharon Bordeaux:

Fabulous photos Kate. Emotions definetly are expressed well. Great Job.

Sylvia Bryan:

these are just too beautiful for words. stunning. thanks so much for sending them all the way to Sydney for us to enjoy. Simply gorgeous. xxxxxxx

Grace Wirth:

Your photo's and blog on Robert and Chelsea define why you are so cherished by our family. Gorgeous photo's by an even more gorgeous lady. But darling could you use your skills and enormous talent to take ten years off my face and make me a size 6. I don't know that
I'd love you more but it wouldn't hurt. All jokes aside there are so many beautiful shots that will remind us of that wonderful day. I do want to thank Georgi who was such a darling and made us feel like he was just one of us and not a photographer clicking away. Made for some great moments captured on film. Thank you Georgi. hope to see you Katie, Jeff, Bob and Millie real soon.

Robert Wirth:

Katie I love you! If you keep saying these nice things about me people might believe it... Then I will be forced to leave up to them.
You guys did an awesome job!
See you soon.

Elizabeth Jenkinson:

We haven't seen you all in such a long time, but sitting in Australia, being able to see you all so happy and enjoying yourselves is simply a joy! Amazing photos of an amazing family! Congratulations to you all! Love Elizabeth, Katharine, Harrison, Julia.

Georgi Anastasov:

Great photography Katie!!! And thank you to Rob and Chelsea and their families and friends! I had wonderful time working/partying with you guys:) I wish you all happiness in the world!!!


Wonderful photos! and Robert are living up to all the wonderful things Kate said of you.

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Leah and Mike's wedding finally got my spring season started last weekend.  It feels so good to get back to work and especially on such a beautiful (half of the) day.  We had a few hours of gorgeous sunshine in the courtyard for photos before the clouds rolled in and forced the ceremony inside.  Nothing could discourage Leah and Mike though, and Leah's smile was as radiant inside as it was out.  They were married at The Radnor Hotel and everything was finally in full bloom.  This post is a little girl-heavy because I haven't finished my second shooter's photos yet!  So don't worry Leah and Mike, there are plenty more of the men :)  For now, I hope you enjoy these!


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I am SO excited to shoot this lovely couple at the Bryant Park Grille.  I wish I didn't have to wait a whole year.  I truly think that it is one of the most wonderful venues in NYC.  The food is fabulous, you can get married on the roof overlooking the park, and it is quintessential New York.  When I think of BPG I start imagining pictures on the Carousel, formals in front of the endless rows of trees and the intimate feel of the restaurant by glowing amber light.  To add a wonderfully photogenic couple is just icing on the cake.  

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I always love shooting at Longwood.  It seems like I discover a new spot every time I go there.  We really got lucky with the weather and the light.  After frequent weather checks, the rain had disappeared for all but two hours of the day, right exactly within our window.  Luckily it held off for us and we even got some sunshine.  Marissa had booked over the phone so this was my first time meeting her and Geoffrey.  I couldn't have been happier to find out what a wonderful couple they are.  They are sweet and kind but they don't take themselves too seriously and they can make each other laugh effortlessly.  I had a wonderful time with you, Marissa and Geoff.  I look forward to making more pictures next year :)


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I'm so excited for Jill and Ryan's wedding this Fall at Tendenza.  It's a new venue for me and everything I've heard about it has been fantastic.  We shot their engagement photos in and around Rittenhouse Square and I was so glad they brought their little Harley with them.  He is the most well-mannered dog I have ever met!  He didn't make a peep the entire time.  Jill and Ryan, it was great just spending time with you both.  You are such sweet people and so easy to talk to.  I can't wait for October! 


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Thanks Kate- you are the best! We can't wait to have you be apart of our special day :) and don't worry Harley will be at the hotel with us !

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