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Seville was my favorite city of the trip.  Not necessarily because of what we did or saw there but it was just the most beautiful little city with a lot of history.  It had tiny, winding cobblestone streets that opened up into open, airy plazas with beautiful cathedrals, palm trees and charm.  We did tour a really incredible cathedral there but to be honest, it was probably one of three or four on the trip and after awhile, they all start blending together.  This one had a magnificent view from the top of the bell tower which was well work the steep trek. If anyone knows what the first photo is of, feel free to let me know :)

Last stop : Madrid.  I loved Madrid even more than Barcelona which I hear is not the norm.  I think what I appreciated about this city was the Prado and Reina Sofia museums.  They had a vast collection of Pablo Picasso at the modern art museum and that was just amazing to see in person.  We also found the Central Park of Madrid near the Prado.  It was very similar right down to the lake with row boats.  While it didn't quite compare to the NYC park, it was a beautiful respite after all of the walking we had been doing.

As a vegetarian, I was MUCH safer and happier in Madrid.  Between the patatas bravas, pimentos and champinones, I was in heaven.....or at least happy to be eating something other than, or in addition to, cheese.


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beautiful Katie!!

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Jeff and I spent some time in Spain over the spring and I am just getting around to sharing some of the images.  We traveled to four cities sampling food and wine and visiting several art museums and just experiencing the culture.  I can say that we had some great wine, saw some incredible art and architecture and I feel that we did get a really good sense of the culture.  We stumbled our way through communicating with the locals and proudly made it through the whole trip with our best recollections of the spanish language.  Spain wasn't exactly a vegetarian's paradise so I ate many a cheese sandwich and was more than happy to return to NYC's restaurant scene and even my teeny-tiny, local supermarket.

We began our trip in Barcelona and stayed at a cute little hotel right off Las Ramblas.  We spent a lot of time just walking the city, eating and drinking.  We also visited Park Guell, which was originally designed as a private housing development by Antonio Gaudi.  Barcelona was brimming with his art and architecture and we also visited two apartment complexes which he designed.  His work is unmistakably unique.  From the park to the apartments to the church he designed, la Sagrada Familia, his work is unlike anything we had ever seen.  It was quite overwhelming and the Barcelona art scene really seems centered around him and his work.

(The churros here were the best of the trip!)

Our next stop was Granada, which was obviously much smaller and different than Barcelona.  The main attraction in Granada is the Alhambra, an enormous, ancient Moorish palace.  We were not able to get into the Alhambra for a tour during the day.  The demand for tickets is extremely high and if you want to visit the palace, it would be wise to buy your tickets months in advance.  We did however tour the gardens in the evening so we got a very small glimpse of the palace from the outside.  We also took a bit of a walk/hike to a vista point where we could see the whole palace over the city of Granada.  Jeff had done a great job scoping out restaurants in Granada and a few of the places he found were really ecxellent (see menus below).  Overall, Granada was a charming city and I really enjoyed the time we spent there.


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If you're thinking about using yellow as your wedding color, let this be your inspiration.  What a happy day it was and I think all of the bright yellow touches really highlighted the happiness and joy of the occasion.  I love a jersey shore wedding and Kara and Nick, you made this one to remember.  Kara attended to every last detail and pulled everything together beautifully.  It was the "teacher in her" she said.  I wish I knew I teacher when I was getting married.  Wow, I was blown away by everything and honored to photograph it!

Now, the party!  After several beautiful toasts, Kara and Nick got a sneak peek of their wedding video which was a special treat for the guests to enjoy.  As you can tell, there was no shortage of bodies on the dance floor, people come to Friday weddings ready to party :)


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I'm so excited to share that Carolyn and Erik's beautiful wedding is currently being featured in the Knot magazine!  As a photographer, it is an honor to be included in their print magazine for the Pennsylvania region.  As usual, they have some great inspiration for making your wedding your own.  Brides-to-be, be sure to pick up a copy, they are in stores now.


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I photographed these beautiful twins a few weeks ago and I could have taken them home.  Oh they were just the sweetest.  It was a super hot day but they really could not have been sweeter or more cooperative.  They lasted over in hour!  Modeling is in the genes :)  I would know, I had the pleasure of shooting their beautiful parents' wedding!


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