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It's a great feeling to be "re-employed".  I tend to have the first 2 months of each year off which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic.  But I always feel a little unproductive by the time February rolls around and this year is no different.  Even with all my wedding planning this year, I still had the feeling that I should be shooting more.  It was an absolute pleasure to have some shoots this February and now that it's March 1, I figure I should post them!  Here is 1 of 2 : Carolyn and Erik's engagement session.

I've known Carolyn and Erik for several months so I knew their engagement session would be relaxed and fun.  I had no idea that Carolyn had some creative props in store!  Those pictures will be excluded since she wants to use them for a save-the-date but trust that they were pretty clever and took more time to make than any props I've seen previously :)

We trekked around Williamsburg and found some great spots despite the sub-zero temperatures (at least that's what it felt like!).  It was SO windy and we were all freezing but hopefully that doesn't show in the photos!  These are some of my favorites.

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My girls whisked me back to NYC after the beautiful shower in PA.  This was a surprise so I was so excited to be going home and OUT with my best friends.  Some of them haven't been to New York in over a decade so it was especially exciting to go out with them!  

The night started off in the hotel room where the girls had "decorated nicely".  My favorite cupcakes awaited me from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, the absolute best cupcake bakery in the city hands down.  We had champagne there for awhile and then ventured out into the city for dinner at a place called Bhatti.  Indian is by far my favorite cuisine and this was a new place in Curry Hill that I hadn't been to.  Dinner was so much fun and after a few bottles of wine there, we went to a champagne bar which was my favorite spot of the night.  I wish I could remember the name :(  We ended the night with some dancing on the Lower East Side but there won't be many pictures from there :)

Thank you so much to my amazing friends for such a wonderful day and evening!


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It was Flute!!!!!!!!!!! my all-time favorite bar of the night as well ; )


And thanks for being the most fun bachelorette around!!! I want to do it all over again....


It was an amazing many laughs! Post more!!! :)

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A few weeks ago, my bridesmaids and family threw me the most beautiful bridal shower I have ever experienced.  I haven't been to many but I can safely say that no detail went unplanned for and the day could not have been more perfectly planned and executed.  The girls did such a good job coordinating (some of them had never met until the day of) and keeping everything a surprise that by the time the day of the shower came, I was going crazy with anticipation.  I had been trying to decode all of the secret phone calls my mom was taking and trying to get information out of my tight-lipped bridesmaids.  In the end, I'm glad everything was a surprise.  It made it that much more special.

First check out the CAKE.  This was the most amazing cake I have ever seen.  It was a big shoe box with a beautiful icing and rhinestone shoe on top.  I couldn't get enough of it.


They chose to have the shower at the 1803 House which is actually a museum in our town.  They rarely open it up for events and this was the very first bridal shower they ever hosted.  As you can see from the photo, it is a beautiful old stone house and it was the perfect location for the occasion.  The girls organized a brunch which I thought was a great and unique idea.  Everyone made quiches and brought muffins, salads, fruit, potatoes, and LOTS of other stuff.  There was SO much food (note the chocolate covered strawberries made by my Uncle Jim!).  The favors were those adorable wedding cake shortbread cookies.  They were not only beautiful but incredibly delicious.  Thanks to Amylooz for supplying the favors!  Check her out, she can ship anywhere!  I had wanted to use these cookies for wedding favors, can I still do that?  I thought we could do a New York taxi or something to bring a little taste of home to Pennsylvania.


The gold handbag above was a gift that my mom passed down to me to use for my wedding. She always carried it on special occasions and I've always loved it.  It was a very special gift :)

Thanks to my girls for most of these pics!  Bachelorette party pics to come...
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love the gold bag! looks like you had a fun weekend!

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Yes, I know I'm nearly 4 weeks late but in my defense, I have a wedding to plan!  We are six weeks out and things are getting crazy!  To bring everyone back up to speed, I am getting married in March at Pen Ryn Mansion and between all of the vendor meetings, menu planning, gift registering, rehearsal dinner choosing and honeymoon planning, there really isn't a whole lot of energy to focus on work!  This is not to say I haven't been working, I have.  Normally I spend January working on albums and orders and regular old catching up.  

I didn't have any weddings in January this year so I did take advantage of the time to try to tie up many of the loose ends for my wedding.  As the date approaches, I'll blog more wedding-related posts since I know you can all relate.  I have gotten so many ideas from former and future clients so thank you all so much for your help and for caring about our big day!  It really means so much.

I'll leave you with an image from our low-key New Year's Eve celebration.  We enjoyed New Year's with friends in our apartment.  Living in New York City, it can be more stress than it's worth to try to find a restaurant, bar, club, etc. on New Year's so we decided to cook and enjoy the company of our friends instead.  It was much more tolerable this year than previous years when we have done the whole "going out" thing.  Here is Jeff at midnight :)


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This was a first for me.  An evening wedding in December with zero natural light.  Of course I am used to shooting the cocktail and reception in ambient and artificial light but I can always count on getting some great portraits outside even if the rest of the wedding is indoors.  I am happy to say that I was really pretty happy with the results.  Lucky for me, there was a really cool vanity in the bride's room and we got to use the lights in there for some BG portraits.

It was the first day with nasty weather but the snow falling outside made the wedding seem that much warmer and brighter inside.  All of Jessica's planning really paid off and the whole day came together so well.  I also got to see one of my future couples there!  I love when that happens :)

Congratulations to Jessica and Jamie and thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day!

(And special thanks to Joe Craig for second shooting for me!!)


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