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Quick shot from Saturday's wedding at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia.  This wedding was beautiful and meticulously planned and I will definitely be sharing more.  First things first, a sneak peek at one of my favorite images from the end of the night.  I think outdoor night shots might be my new favorite thing.


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I celebrated my 27th birthday on Thursday and was gifted with this delicious cupcake by a dear friend who knows me too well.  (Banana with butter cream icing mmmm). Really, the best thing about having a birthday is eating cake and ice cream (and in my opinion, PIZZA).  My husband brought home a pint of my favorite, chunky monkey and unfortunately, we fell asleep before I even got the chance to taste it.  I did however get the chance to eat this cupcake so my birthday was not cake-less.


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Stephanie Albanese:

Happy Birthday Kaite, so sweet! Cupcakes are the best!


YUM. that looks gooo oooood. i want a bite.


YUM. that looks gooo oooood. i want a bite.

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By now this shoot was over a month ago, which is plain to see from all of the snow!  I wanted to share it because I really enjoyed my time with Milan, he is such a sweet and fun little boy and he definitely kept me enteretained.  

We started the shoot off at home playing with trucks (I was loving that lime green wall!).  I love a house with expression, it definitely makes a home and gives a you a taste of the style and personalities of those who live there.  When Milan was "over" the shoot, we decided to plan another time to get together and to my delight, it turned out to be snowing that morning!  I loved shooting in the snow and I'm so glad that everyone was up for it.  I can't wait to meet Milan's little sister, as you can see they already make such a beautiful family.


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kamini :

thanks for putting us on your blog! we loved ALL the pictures!! we can't wait to do it again with our newest addition!

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After a whirlwind month of last-minute wedding details, planning, preparing and verging on a mental breakdown, Jeff and I are finally married!  I have a whole new perspective on weddings after planning and having my own.  I definitely have a newfound appreciation for everything that goes into the organization and overall aesthetic of the day.  It's a LOT of work and my hat goes off to all of the brides (and grooms) who plan the gorgeous weddings I photograph.

I owe a thank you to many couples for all of the ideas I've gathered over the years and was able to put to use in my own wedding.  I've seen highlights from my photographers which are absolutely amazing and you can see them here.  I can't wait to see everything Joe and his team captured, the suspense is killing me!  For now, I just have a few photos from before the ceremony.  I did take my camera and shot some of the prep of my girls getting ready but most of the photo credits for these shots go to my sister-in-law, Karen.  She did a beautiful job with some of these, my favorite moments!  She is in the first shot in green, one of the only two I shot in the post.  The other is of my Dad waiting to walk me down the aisle :)

A special thank you to Jessie for my "something borrowed".  Both of the beautiful veils I wore for my wedding were generously lent to me by former client and friend.  I can't think of a more thoughtful gesture and it really meant so much to me to be able to borrow these from such a special person.

I can't express how beautiful the day was in spite of the stormy and very wet weather conditions.  Everything was like a dream and it went as fast!  My best advice is to enjoy every minute and take a moment to recognize that all of the people who matter most in your life are here, together in one place, for you and only you.  It is a remarkable feeling to be surrounded by so much love.  Many more photos to come including the remainder of the wedding and of course, the honeymoon!


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Kerri Allmer:

Congrats Kate, you were such a beautiful bride. Looking at your pictures made my heart flutter a little, thinking I'll be going through all of that next year. Can't wait to have you photograph my wedding!




Kate, you were such a beautiful bride! Your pictures are gorgeous and I wish you all the best! I felt so bad about the weather, but it seems like you still had a wonderful day.


Your married! Congrats to you and Jeff! I made it a point to come back and visit to see your gorgeous wedding shots :) All the best to the both of you!

Marilyn O'Brien:

Dear Katie,
Wow, I just viewed your wedding pictures. You look incredible. What a beautiful couple you and Jeff make. All my best to you, forever. Love, Mrs. O'Brien

Swan :

Katie, you make such a beautiful bride! It's so great to see images as gorgeous as yours, with you in them! Congrats!


Thank you so much everyone for your feedback and wishes! You've all enriched my and our lives in so many ways. Can't wait to share more of the photos.


I have been waiting for these! Kate, you look amazing. I can't wait to see the rest! CONGRATULATIONS!

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It's a great feeling to be "re-employed".  I tend to have the first 2 months of each year off which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic.  But I always feel a little unproductive by the time February rolls around and this year is no different.  Even with all my wedding planning this year, I still had the feeling that I should be shooting more.  It was an absolute pleasure to have some shoots this February and now that it's March 1, I figure I should post them!  Here is 1 of 2 : Carolyn and Erik's engagement session.

I've known Carolyn and Erik for several months so I knew their engagement session would be relaxed and fun.  I had no idea that Carolyn had some creative props in store!  Those pictures will be excluded since she wants to use them for a save-the-date but trust that they were pretty clever and took more time to make than any props I've seen previously :)

We trekked around Williamsburg and found some great spots despite the sub-zero temperatures (at least that's what it felt like!).  It was SO windy and we were all freezing but hopefully that doesn't show in the photos!  These are some of my favorites.

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