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It was my absolute pleasure photographing Lauren and David's wedding yesterday at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  I'm not sure if I have ever seen a bride pull things together quite like this.  Every detail was exquisite beyond words and I spent the entire day hoping to do justice to the beauty that surrounded me. 


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Swan :

That's a good looking couple!

Marian Genkin:

Simply gorgeous! Can't wait to see them all. What a lovely wedding and even lovelier bride and groom....

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I've been to downtown Bethlehem twice in one week for engagement shoots and both couples have been great and SO easy to shoot.  It really makes working a treat when I have such wonderful clients.  Looking forward to this wedding in July!


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Jeff and I were lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Thailand after our wedding in March.  While we know several people who have been to Thailand, we also had a lot of people who asked us how we chose Thailand.  Because we got married "off-season" in March, we were limited in places we could go that would be warm.  I knew I wanted to spend time at the beach and Jeff knew he wanted to explore more of whichever country we chose.  Because of the timing of our honeymoon, we decided on South America or Asia for their ideal weather.  Thailand seemed to offer the perfect balance of beautiful beaches and countryside and seemed like a great fit for us.

There were basically three segments to our trip. Koh Phi Phi Island was our first stop.  I knew that once the wedding was over, I wanted to relax for awhile so we planned to go straight to the beach.  We stayed at a beautiful resort called Phi Phi Island Village.  We had our own private hut and an absolutely beautiful and surprisingly private beach!  There were several other people in the village but every morning we seemed to be the only people on the beach.  It was amazing and beautiful and romantic.  The perfect location for the first week of married life.


We took a picture of just about every meal we ate, note the papaya salad below.  Thailand food is, in a word, spicy.  I think I was sweating after every meal I ate but it was so worth it.  The curries were incredibly delicious.  You can also see Jeff sitting on the porch of our hut and our first glimpse of the island as were coming in by boat.

There was a small village behind ours with a few restaurants and conveniences stores and lots of cute kids playing and riding their bikes all day. 

This is the village of Tonsai which was on the other side of the island.  We could get here by boat in about 30 minutes.  It was crawling with tourists so didn't exactly offer the quiet getaway we had come for, but it was nice to go for the day and see what it had to offer and people watch.  We had some great food here and really appreciated the tranquility of our little hut when we got back.

We spent one day on a private boat exploring the surrounding islands.  We went to Maya Bay which is the beach where "The Beach" was filmed.  It was the most stunning beach we had ever seen.  The sand was like fine powder and because it has been turned into a national park, it is uninhabited and in pristine condition.  We had the opportunity to snorkel here too which was pretty incredible (for the five minutes we lasted in the water).  Neither Jeff nor I are big on water sports or, water in general so I think we both enjoyed the tour around the islands from the boat or the sand.

Next up, Koh Samui...
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Wow! Soooo pretty :)

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I met Jenny and Adrian only a few months ago and their wedding is in just a few weeks!  There is something about everything happening quickly (on my end) that I love.  It seems even more exciting to squeeze it all in, getting the engagement session done just in time before the couple becomes newlyweds.    We shot this session in downtown Bethlehem and I really enjoyed it.  It is always fun to discover new things and new backdrops in places I have been before.

Here are some of my favorites.  Weren't they easy subjects?


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Jeff and I were married on March 13 at Pen Ryn Mansion in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.  It was one of the best days of my life.  The weather was terrible but I ended up loving it.  It was that much warmer and happier inside.  We were surrounded by so many friends and family members and I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful celebration to honor our relationship and our commitment to one another.  I spent at least a week afterwards (even on the honeymoon) wishing we could re-live our wedding day over and over again.

Jeff and I received the disk of our wedding photos from our fantastic photographer, Joe Craig, a few weeks ago.  There were so many amazing images to choose from that I am just getting around to posting the highlights.  Not to worry friends, a honeymoon post is ready to publish and will be up later this week.  Everyone has been asking for Thailand photos but I wanted to go in order, so first things first.  Prepare yourselves for a long post here, I had a little trouble editing things down if you couldn't tell.  Thank you so much to Joe and his team for doing such an amazing job and putting me at ease on my wedding day.  You made me feel 100% OKAY putting my camera down for the majority of the day :) 


I'll never forget this moment with my dad before walking down the aisle.  Jeff said it felt like he was waiting for me for five minutes after all the bridesmaids came in but I'm glad we took our time (and a lot of deep breaths) before walking into the ceremony.  I'll never forget what my dad said to me before walking into married life :)

Jeff and I decided to write our own vows and I am so so glad that we did.  It is something we will have for the rest of our lives and I think it will be fun to go back and read them in several years and see how our relationship has grown and changed.

I really loved the photos we got outside in the rain.  The light was beautiful and we were forced to get lots of shots quickly since everyone was getting wet!  We were also able to make it to some of our cocktail hour since only Jeff and I braved the weather for photos. 

I had two frames with photos of my grandmothers on my bouquet.  I loved that there was a way to honor them and have them be a part of the wedding even if they were only there in spirit.  A previous client of mine, Katie, had used these little frames with mirros on the back for her bridesmaids' bouquets so I used her vendor, Olivia Moon, and could not have been happier with the results!


One of my favorite vendors which I also found through etsy was Emilie Friday.  She was fast, affordable, and very sweet to work with.  I would recommend her over and over if you need calligraphy work.


And last but not least, my dad serenaded my mom with an Elvis Presley song during the reception and both families broke it down as you can see in the following photos :)  We ended the evening with sparklers thanks to a very attentive and accomodating groomsman who brought all of the necessary supplies!  These ended up being some of my favorite photos.  It was such a magical day and I can't thank everyone enough for all of their hardwork and vision that went into making everything so wonderful!


Photography : Joe Craig
Hair : Carrie of Bubbles Salon in King of Prussia
Makeup : Meredith Barger
Dress : Priscilla of Boston
Entertainment : Wesley Works
Flowers : Alvin's Flowers
Trasportation : Bucks County Trolley
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Jocelyn Bacon:

These area AMAZING Kate, sigh....

Kerri Allmer:

absolutely beautiful!

Stacy Tully:

So amazing and absolutely magical in so many ways......I can see why you would want to do it again!!! Just perfect.

Stephanie Albanese:

Katie, OMG, these are gorgeous (and of course it is helpful when the couple is so darn good looking : ) These capture your day perfectly, I am so happy I was a part of this. The shot under the umbrella is so cool. Thank you for sharing.


AMAZING. You look stunning. Jeff looks dashing. Together you look truly happy.


Gorgeous!! I may just have to steal the sparklers idea though :)


These look amazing!! the rain only added to the romance. congrats

Erin :

Katie, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love that Bob and Millie are having the best time :) love love love.

Chad Penningtin:

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Great Work - and you can tell you were so happy that day.

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