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Jeff and I were married on March 13 at Pen Ryn Mansion in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.  It was one of the best days of my life.  The weather was terrible but I ended up loving it.  It was that much warmer and happier inside.  We were surrounded by so many friends and family members and I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful celebration to honor our relationship and our commitment to one another.  I spent at least a week afterwards (even on the honeymoon) wishing we could re-live our wedding day over and over again.

Jeff and I received the disk of our wedding photos from our fantastic photographer, Joe Craig, a few weeks ago.  There were so many amazing images to choose from that I am just getting around to posting the highlights.  Not to worry friends, a honeymoon post is ready to publish and will be up later this week.  Everyone has been asking for Thailand photos but I wanted to go in order, so first things first.  Prepare yourselves for a long post here, I had a little trouble editing things down if you couldn't tell.  Thank you so much to Joe and his team for doing such an amazing job and putting me at ease on my wedding day.  You made me feel 100% OKAY putting my camera down for the majority of the day :) 


I'll never forget this moment with my dad before walking down the aisle.  Jeff said it felt like he was waiting for me for five minutes after all the bridesmaids came in but I'm glad we took our time (and a lot of deep breaths) before walking into the ceremony.  I'll never forget what my dad said to me before walking into married life :)

Jeff and I decided to write our own vows and I am so so glad that we did.  It is something we will have for the rest of our lives and I think it will be fun to go back and read them in several years and see how our relationship has grown and changed.

I really loved the photos we got outside in the rain.  The light was beautiful and we were forced to get lots of shots quickly since everyone was getting wet!  We were also able to make it to some of our cocktail hour since only Jeff and I braved the weather for photos. 

I had two frames with photos of my grandmothers on my bouquet.  I loved that there was a way to honor them and have them be a part of the wedding even if they were only there in spirit.  A previous client of mine, Katie, had used these little frames with mirros on the back for her bridesmaids' bouquets so I used her vendor, Olivia Moon, and could not have been happier with the results!


One of my favorite vendors which I also found through etsy was Emilie Friday.  She was fast, affordable, and very sweet to work with.  I would recommend her over and over if you need calligraphy work.


And last but not least, my dad serenaded my mom with an Elvis Presley song during the reception and both families broke it down as you can see in the following photos :)  We ended the evening with sparklers thanks to a very attentive and accomodating groomsman who brought all of the necessary supplies!  These ended up being some of my favorite photos.  It was such a magical day and I can't thank everyone enough for all of their hardwork and vision that went into making everything so wonderful!


Photography : Joe Craig
Hair : Carrie of Bubbles Salon in King of Prussia
Makeup : Meredith Barger
Dress : Priscilla of Boston
Entertainment : Wesley Works
Flowers : Alvin's Flowers
Trasportation : Bucks County Trolley
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Jocelyn Bacon:

These area AMAZING Kate, sigh....

Kerri Allmer:

absolutely beautiful!

Stacy Tully:

So amazing and absolutely magical in so many ways......I can see why you would want to do it again!!! Just perfect.

Stephanie Albanese:

Katie, OMG, these are gorgeous (and of course it is helpful when the couple is so darn good looking : ) These capture your day perfectly, I am so happy I was a part of this. The shot under the umbrella is so cool. Thank you for sharing.


AMAZING. You look stunning. Jeff looks dashing. Together you look truly happy.


Gorgeous!! I may just have to steal the sparklers idea though :)


These look amazing!! the rain only added to the romance. congrats

Erin :

Katie, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love that Bob and Millie are having the best time :) love love love.

Chad Penningtin:

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Great Work - and you can tell you were so happy that day.

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Too many favorites.  I can't remember the last time I posted so many "previews" but Emily and Will had such a beautiful day and they are incredibly photogenic so I am sharing with you.  

As soon as I arrived to the location in Philadelphia, I fell in love with the little alley right across the street from the church.  Luckily, the rain held off long enough that we were able to go over and shoot all of the formals and BG shots there.  I love the way Emily planned everything, very "preppy-chic".  

Emily, thank you for being such a beautiful and graceful bride, you were incredibly easy to photograph and I really enjoyed spending the day with you and Will (and friends!).  And Will, thanks for directing me to the correct parking lot and lending me your cell phone :)  It was a great day and I hope the photos commemorate it for you!


I love Emily's expression in both of the last two photos at the church, just happy.  And check out the huge bow she added to her dress.  It is so over-the-top and absolutely made the dress! 


Venue : Philadelphia Racquet Club
Dress : Priscilla of Boston
Hair : Dar Clinton
Band : Brian Kirk and the Jirks

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Swan :

What a beautiful bride and groom! Katie, you seem to have taken breathtaking images as usual. They look great!


Nice start to the season Katie. Love the prep and trolley shots. Impeccable light! Well done.


Kate! They are so beautiful, thank you for being so so talented! Started the day with a text from my mom telling me to check your blog... love it! They are such a great reminder of what a fun, happy day we had- I can feel the happiness and fun-ness just oozing out of the photos! THANKS!


Kate, I'm so excited to work with you...Your pics are great! Congrats to the bride and groom too.

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Quick shot from Saturday's wedding at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia.  This wedding was beautiful and meticulously planned and I will definitely be sharing more.  First things first, a sneak peek at one of my favorite images from the end of the night.  I think outdoor night shots might be my new favorite thing.


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I celebrated my 27th birthday on Thursday and was gifted with this delicious cupcake by a dear friend who knows me too well.  (Banana with butter cream icing mmmm). Really, the best thing about having a birthday is eating cake and ice cream (and in my opinion, PIZZA).  My husband brought home a pint of my favorite, chunky monkey and unfortunately, we fell asleep before I even got the chance to taste it.  I did however get the chance to eat this cupcake so my birthday was not cake-less.


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Stephanie Albanese:

Happy Birthday Kaite, so sweet! Cupcakes are the best!


YUM. that looks gooo oooood. i want a bite.


YUM. that looks gooo oooood. i want a bite.

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By now this shoot was over a month ago, which is plain to see from all of the snow!  I wanted to share it because I really enjoyed my time with Milan, he is such a sweet and fun little boy and he definitely kept me enteretained.  

We started the shoot off at home playing with trucks (I was loving that lime green wall!).  I love a house with expression, it definitely makes a home and gives a you a taste of the style and personalities of those who live there.  When Milan was "over" the shoot, we decided to plan another time to get together and to my delight, it turned out to be snowing that morning!  I loved shooting in the snow and I'm so glad that everyone was up for it.  I can't wait to meet Milan's little sister, as you can see they already make such a beautiful family.


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kamini :

thanks for putting us on your blog! we loved ALL the pictures!! we can't wait to do it again with our newest addition!

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