Wayne Newborn Photographer – Baby Jasper

Jasper is the fourth of four sweet boys that I have been photographing for years and years.  I think I have photographed this family longer than any other client beginning with mom and dad’s engagement session in New York City almost ten years ago (is my math correct, Natasha?)  I have immensely enjoyed watching these boys and this family grow year after year and according to mom, their family is finally complete.  While I am sad there are no more newborn sessions in our future, I look forward to the privilege of continuing to record precious moments for this family for years to come.  Without further adieu, the final newborn session for from the T family is below for your viewing pleasure!

little brothers hugging

older brother and newborn brother looking at each other

mother with newborn baby boy

father holding son smiling

family of six in living room posing for portrait

family posing for potrait looking at little boy who will not join

hands holding up swaddled newborn baby boy

Newtown Square Newborn Photographer – Baby Colin

Colin is already six months old so I’m slightly behind on my blogging efforts but let’s forge on and appreciate how tiny his toes are!  Colin was born early so he was extra small, sleepy and cuddly.  My heart skipped a beat holding him, he was as light as a feather.  This newborn session was completed in record time because we did not take one break to feed, soothe or calm him.  He was truly amazing and such a sweet little peanut.  I have photographed him since, so stay tuned for a much bigger, and more cuddly version of this baby coming to the blog soon.


sleeping newborn seen through the crib rails

smiling newborn baby in crib

smiling, snuggly newborn baby

sleeping newborn on mother

closeup of tiny  newborn toes

new parents cuddling newborn baby

new dad holding baby boy wrapped in fox swaddle

tiny newborn baby in big crib

sleeping newborn in crib

Morris Arboretum Family Session – Chestnut Hill

I have been photographing Katie, Dan and their beautiful children for a few years now and this was the third session in their package of three sessions since Caleb was born.  The best part of my job is seeing my clients year after year and watching their families grow.  It is so fun to see a couple transform into parents, to a family of four or five and then to continue to watch the children grow each year.  This was our second shoot at Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill and it was perfect capturing these images in the summer when everything was blooming so beautifully.  Our last session there was in the Fall so we were able to get a lot of variety in spite of being at the same location.  These are a few of my favorites, I hope you like them.


little girl in green dress at morris arboretum

black and white of family smiling and laughing at Morris Arboretum

little girl puts hand in water fountain

black and white of mother and child playing in water fountain

sister in green dress looking at little brother sitting on steps

dad throwing son up in the air under tree

little boy walking along a field of flowers

black and white of mother cuddling son

portrait of family with little girl and boy and mother and father

little girl carrying little brother down a path

little girl carrying little brother down a path from behind

brother and sister singing sesame street song and dancing

one year old dancing and singing

de Seversky Mansion Wedding Photographer – Claire and Dan

I headed to Long Island to meet Claire and Dan for the first time on their wedding day.  They planned from afar in Miami and I am so glad they chose me to photograph their beautiful wedding day without having met with me about it prior to the actual event.  It was my pleasure to also photograph Claire’s friend’s wedding and her cousin’s wedding so there were many familiar faces there which I always love.  It is such a wonderful part of my job being able to reconnect with past couples and see how their lives have changed and their families grown.  I don’t get out to Long Island as much as I did when I lived in New York City but I always love an excuse to head back to New York and this day was no exception.

I had photographed a wedding at the de Seversky Mansion once before in the cold of winter on a beautiful, snowy and romantic evening.  As you could imagine, July gave me a completely different set of photographs from the same venue since we traded in the snow for the heat of summer.  It was fun to see how different weddings could be in different seasons.    I loved the colors Claire chose.  The coral and light pink were soft and romantic and the pop of her sisters’ brightly colored dresses really added interested to the color palette and the photographs.  Every detail was meticulously taken care of and it all added up to a truly beautiful event.

I hope you enjoy the photos from this lovely day!
















































Marlton Children’s Photographer – Maura

I photographed Colleen and Dave’s wedding back in 2009.  I have loved catching up with them as they have added two beautiful children to their family.  This is Maura and she will be five in a few short weeks.  Colleen’s family has a tradition of having a portrait made of each child when they turn five and I absolutely love the idea.  A portrait of each grandchild hangs in her parents’ home and now Maura’s can be added to the wall.  I really loved this session.  It took me back to my photography roots.  I had a huge interest in photographing children when I first took a serious interest in photography.  I did a lot of babysitting and the children became the subjects of the majority of my high school and college work.  I forgot how much I enjoyed photographing kids as the individual subject of a portrait.  So much of my work is relational, which I love, but getting to know a five year old as an individual is something I haven’t had the opportunity to do in awhile.  I loved watching Maura from behind my camera.  Colleen and Dave, you are doing a wonderful job raising a sweet, funny, whimsical and loving girl.  Thank you so much for sharing this special age with me.  See you very soon for baby #3!  I can’t wait.

black and white portrait of a five year old


black and white childrens portrait

five year old with stuffed bunny

five year old putting on eye shadow in her bedroom

five year old girl in front of fence in white dress

five year old dancing in the backyard in white dress

Spangler65 five year old girl in backyard with white dress


five year old running barefoot in tutu